Calley Masson

Calley found yoga as a runner searching for a way to improve her running, breathing, focus and mental strength.  She also wanted to become stronger, and more flexible, and she had a laundry list of physical injuries from all the years of running on the roads and tracks. Once she started yoga, she saw her physical body begin to heal, become stronger, more flexible, and found the added bonus of something else that was healing …her heart was expanding, opening up to others, opening up to the feeling of being connected to all other beings, opening up to her self. Once she found Ashtanga Yoga the real A-HA began. She found something she felt dedicated and devoted to, something that helps her grow, to see herself and her truth, and something that ultimately makes her a better person.
​Calley has her E-RYT 200, and continues to take her role as a student very seriously. She has taken two extended trips to India, to practice with her teacher, Sharath Jois, the living Guru of Ashtanga Yoga, and she intends on returning to India on a regular basis.  Calley is leading the Mysore Program at The Yoga Room, and is inspired daily by the students’ dedication to their own journey.