Revive & Restore

Revive and restore with this amazing class!  Revive & Restore begins with a half hour of an energizing Vinyasa Flow then slows down into a half hour of relaxing, restoring, gentle yoga followed by an extra long rest at the end of class.  

*Revive & Restore is suitable for beginners and most all levels.

Gentle Yoga

This gentle format allows us to experience each asana (posture) at a bit slower pace with awareness and self-exploration. The focus will be on breath, going inward and being of present mind. These elements make this class perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike as well as those with limited mobility and injuries. For the beginner, you will have the opportunity to learn each posture with more detail and those that have a regular practice you can slow it down and deepen your knowledge of the postures individually and deepen your existing practice. Each class will incorporate breath work (pranayama), posture (asana), and meditation (dhyana).
*Gentle Yoga is suitable for all levels.

Class Descriptions

Mindful Flow

This class is similar to Hatha Yoga where we flow through postures and holding the posture for 5 breaths.  In this class, we take a little extra time getting into the postures and making sure our allignment and form is the best it can be.  A great way to learn how to practice a flow minfully while maximizing the benefits of each posture.  
*Suitable for beginners and all levels.


Yin is a slower-paced yoga class with huge benefits.  In this class, we hold poses for longer periods of time (up to five minutes) using bolsters and other props for support as we ease into each posture.  By holding these postures, and breathing into these postures, we are able to gain flexibility and improve blood flow to our joints and connective tissue.  Deepen your practice and improve flexibility with Yin.
 *Yin Yoga is suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga

Ready for a relaxing class that will leave you refreshed?  Restorative Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and relax after a busy day.  This class is meant to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the use of props to support the body in various postures.  
Restorative yoga is suitable for all levels.

Mysore StylE

What is Mysore Style Yoga?
Mysore Style Yoga gets its’ name from the city in Southern India that is home to the Ashtanga Yoga tradition and it’s lineage. The Guru of Ashtanga Yoga, Shri K. Pattabhi Jois – lovingly referred to as Guruji by Ashtanga students all over the world, taught this very traditional style of yoga to students worldwide until his death in 2009. His grandson, Sharath Jois, has continued to teach the students from every corner of the globe who flock to Mysore, and his grandfather’s Shala, to learn and absorb this beautiful practice at the source, and to bask in the energy that seems boundless there.
How does it work?
     Mysore practice is based on Parampara, which is the transfer of knowledge and teachings directly from teacher to student. Unlike the yoga classes we are used to seeing in the west, where a teacher is calling out poses for the entire class and teaching to a group, in Mysore practice the teacher works directly and individually with each student. Using the Parampara guideline, the teacher-student relationship is quite strong and personal. A deep level of trust is established. The teacher will work with each student wherever they are in their practice, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.
Everyone in the room is does a self- practice, following the Ashtanga sequence, with close supervision and guidance from the teacher. Hands on adjustments are plentiful. They help the student go deeper, feel more, and challenge limits/boundaries/comfort zones, so don’t be shy!
Mysore practice is a sweaty practice, but we do not heat the room. We build heat internally through the breath, and link each breath with a movement, known as Vinyasa. All this internal heat and sweat helps us detoxify and purify our bodies. This is a practice that ANYONE & EVERYONE can do!
Because this practice has a solid and safe structure and format, and is geared toward each student and their capabilities, it really becomes a Universal practice. Young people, old people, active people, sedentary people, strong people, people with some weaknesses, flexy people, not so flexy people --- All of You – COME – Practice Mysore!
 *Mysore is suitable for all levels.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga refers to a set of postures designed to align the entire body. The postures are also designed to open the many channels of the body so that energy can flow freely.  Hatha is translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.” Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. In our physical bodies we develop a balance of strength and flexibility.  Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation as we move with attention to our breath while holding postures for several seconds and breathing into each posture as we hold the posture.
*Hatha Yoga is suitable for beginners, and most all levels.

Modified Half Primary

Modified Half Primary Ashtanga Series is an introductory class to Ashtanga Yoga.  In this class, you will build strength and flexibility and gain a taste of Ashtanga Yoga before practicing the Half Primary or Full Primary (see descriptions above for Half Primary or Full Primary).  This class is a shortened version and easier version of the Half Primary.  We begin with Sun Salutation (vinyasa) warm-up followed by a standing series of postures and balancing postures followed by a seated postures.  
 *Half Primary is suitable for most Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.


Half Primary

Half Primary Ashtanga Series.  The Primary Series is the foundational practice of traditional Ashtanga Yoga that builds strength and flexibility while healing the body and calming the mind. Follow the Sanskrit vinyasa counts to strengthen your practice, build endurance and challenge yourself to go beyond your limitations.  
In the Half Primary series, each class is the same set of postures in the same order each time and classes are 90 minutes long.
 *Half Primary is suitable for most Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Rocket Vinyasa Mix


A high energy class that works with the routines created by founder, Larry Shultz.  Rocket is based on a modified version of postures from the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. In this class, we mix it up, to give you Rocket 1, Rocket 2, or a combo of both in Rocket 3.  While this style of vinyasa yoga draws upon its Ashtanga roots, it’s also very playful, so you can challenge yourself as much, or as little as you’d like!  Come ready to have fun, laugh a little, and sweat!

All levels welcome!  Great for learning inversions! 

Lunar Flow

Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation, is a quieting sequence that invites you to bow to and cultivate the moon’s soothing lunar energy.  This class invites you to look inward as you practice these chest opening, back bending postures.  This is a great class for men and women who are under any kind of stress and is a great way to balance your energy.  

*Lunar Flow is suitable for beginners and most all levels.